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Meet the PropelFwd team

Paul Byrne Managing Director PropelFwd

Paul Byrne

Managing Director & Certified Data Protection Practitioner

Paul started Propelfwd in 2017 and has worked with every sector of business in the Channel Islands since. 

Paul’s qualifications include a PG.Cert in Data Protection & Information Governance Security, he is a certified Data Protection Practitioner (PC.dp GDPR), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and a full member of the Association of Project Managers (MAPM).

This year, Paul is finishing his PG.Dip in Information Rights Law before deciding on his dissertation topic towards his Master of Law (L.LM) degree in Information Rights Law & Practice at the Northumbria University.

Aleisha Weeks Propelfwd

Aleisha Weeks

Training Course Administrator

Aleisha joined Propelfwd in 2018 and has gained extensive knowledge of the Channel Islands data protection legislation. Aleisha has worked with various organisation, both large and small and manages clients in various sectors of the business community.

Aleisha administers the training courses provided by Propelfwd, any framework compliance projects and general enquiries that come into the office daily.

Ginny Hawel Propelfwd

Ginny Hawel

Business Support Officer

Ginny joined Propelfwd 2022 as the business support officer. Ginny runs the office and keeps everyone on their toes. She has vast experience in the finance sector and administration work so looks after all of our contracts, invoicing, payments and office requirements.

If you need anything from Propelfwd, your first point of contact will be Ginny.

Max data protection officer dog PropelFwd

Max Byrne

Data Security Officer

Max has been with Propelfwd for five years and has vast experience in guarding the data security of Propelfwd’s clients.

Max primarily works from the main office with the rest of the Propelfwd team, although he likes long walks to think.

We work with all sectors and sizes of businesses. No project is too big or too small. We bring the tools to make your business efficient and compliant, making a way for a path of growth and success.
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