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Meet the PropelFwd team

Paul Byrne Managing Director PropelFwd

Paul Byrne

Managing Director & Certified Data Protection Practitioner

Paul started Propelfwd in 2017 and has worked with every sector of business in the Channel Islands since. 

Paul’s qualifications include a PG.Cert in Data Protection & Information Governance Security, he is a certified Data Protection Practitioner (PC.dp GDPR), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and a full member of the Association of Project Managers (MAPM).

This year, Paul is finishing his PG.Dip in Information Rights Law before deciding on his dissertation topic towards his Master of Law (L.LM) degree in Information Rights Law & Practice at the Northumbria University.

Aleisha Weeks Propelfwd

Aleisha Weeks

Senior Privacy Officer

Aleisha is a certified Data Protection Practitioner with vast experience working with a cross sector of organisations putting in compliance frameworks, processor agreements and completing complex data protection impact assessments. Aleisha manages client in Jersey, Guernsey, the Ilse of Man and the UK, so capable of recognising the difference between the jurisdictional laws and applying them to multi-jurisdictional organisations.

Aleisha is an experienced compliance professional who can assist any organisation with any data protection issue. Contact her at Propelfwd for advice or guidance, she will be only willing to assist.

Ginny Hawel Propelfwd

Ginny Hawel

Business Support Officer

Ginny joined Propelfwd 2022 as the business support officer. Ginny runs the office and keeps everyone on their toes. She has vast experience in the finance sector and administration work so looks after all of our contracts, invoicing, payments and office requirements.

If you need anything from Propelfwd, your first point of contact will be Ginny.

Daisy Ayebale at Propelfwd

Daisy Ayebale

Privacy Officer

Daisy has brought a vast amount of project management and data analysis skill to Propelfwd. She has a Degree in Project Management together with a Post Graduate Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation. Before moving to Jersey Daisy working for the Government in Uganda developing systems to make the registration of births easier and to help to get single mothers back into the education systems.

Daisy is part of our Privacy Officer team, delivering compliance projects to clients, conducting DPIA’s, and giving great advice and guidance.

This experience, coupled with her data analysis skills helps Daisy deliver the gold standard customer service client have come to expect from Propelfwd.

Jayne Fulton in Propelfwd

Jayne Fulton

Training Course Administrator

Jayne has enjoyed a long career in the finance sector of Jersey. Her skill set is Business risk management, Root Cause analysis, Data Monitoring and investigating data breaches. One of her other skill sets, applied to her role in Propelfwd was Training. Jayne is our Training Course Administrator. Any training provided by Propelfwd, Jayne will be involved, either branding your online course, sending it to your teams, sending you progress reports, helping your team with questions and giving guidance.

The delivery of our training, whether it is online or in person, is a vital part of what we do at Propelfwd, and Jayne is the person who holds it together. Contact her if you want to know more about what we can offer.

Max data protection officer dog PropelFwd

Max Byrne

Data Security Officer

Max has been with Propelfwd for five years and has vast experience in guarding the data security of Propelfwd’s clients.

Max primarily works from the main office with the rest of the Propelfwd team, although he likes long walks to think.

We work with all sectors and sizes of businesses. No project is too big or too small. We bring the tools to make your business efficient and compliant, making a way for a path of growth and success.
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