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PropelFwd will from time to time publish articles on matters concerning Data Protection issues and any future obstacles for the free flow of Data.

We welcome your views and opinions on the content of this blog, should you require specific advice or guidance on any Data Protection concerns, please use the contact form.

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Why is data protection compliance so important?

Why is data protection compliance so important?

In the dynamic data-driven business environment, data protection compliance is not merely a legal obligation but a strategic imperative for small businesses operating in Jersey, ...
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Jersey Data Trusts: a closer look

Jersey Data Trusts: a closer look

The LifeCycle pilot project is the first time that a legally valid and duly established trust structure has been used to establish a data trust. ...
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Data management protection in the educational environment

Data Protection Management in the Education Environment

In the UK and the Channel Islands, data protection laws are governed by the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK. GDPR), the Data Protection Act ...
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Is CCPA the same as GDPR?

Is the California Consumers Privacy Act the same as GDPR?

Data protection laws are fast becoming a primary element in any data security conversation: from the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the California ...
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Is this the end of google analytics in Europe?

Is it the end of Google Analytics in Europe?

Intro It’s 2022, and the dynamic Data Protection world has seen substantial changes in using Google Analytics (cookies) in the European scenario. It’s no news ...
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Regulation of estate agents and other schedule II businesses- Propel FWD

Regulation of Estate Agents & Other Schedule II Businesses

Background Jersey and the Channel Islands have an enviable property market, and our respective Governments are keen to ensure that our islands’ reputation remains strong ...
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