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Expert Data Protection & Financial Regulatory Services

Welcome to Propelfwd – the innovative compliance company based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of data protection and financial regulatory compliance. Our expertise in data protection spans a range of projects, from detailed audits to full-scale compliance implementations. 

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Propelfwd will help you navigate business complexity by defining and creating personal solutions

We can help with data protection projects ranging from audits to full compliance implementations. Data protection training for your teams, either face to face or bespoke online courses created for your organisation. We can also fulfil your legal obligations as a Data Protection Officer or an outsourced Data Protection Manager, taking the day-to-day data protection responsibilities away from your desk.

All of this couples with superior customer service gives you a winning package tailored to your needs.
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At Propelfwd, we take immense pride in the work we do and the esteemed reputation we have cultivated across the Channel Islands for our exceptional service. Our approach to data protection is to make it both easily comprehensible and affordable for our clients. A particularly meaningful aspect of our work is the Giving Back Program. This initiative holds a special place in the hearts of myself and my team. We are committed to providing complimentary data protection compliance services to charities, enabling them to allocate their funds where they are most needed – towards their causes. This, for us, is the essence of making a difference.


Why choose PropelFwd for your data protection services?

PropelFwd have experience working with all sectors of business and organisations of any size and any jurisdiction. We pride ourselves on the fact that we demystify data protection, taking the complexity out of it, keeping it simple for your teams to understand and follow.

Our policies are easy to read and understand, our training is in plain language with relevant real-life examples of data protection in action and our solutions for your business are tailored and work.

How we work

PropelFwd is a very proactive consultancy who like to learn about your organisation and put in place policies and procedures that will work for you and your team, not just a generic set of instructions. The Consultant assigned to your project will work with you and develop the required set of policies and procedures that is right for you. They will build them around your data processing activities, putting in relevant examples your team can relate to when reading them.

Your data activity register will contain all your data processing activities, the legal basis you need to process the data, your retention schedules, and your risk register. You will know where your data goes, who you share it with and have the appropriate agreements in place required by the data protection law your organisation must comply with.

From the moment PropelFwd becomes involved with you and your organisation you will have the confidence that your data protection needs, and legal requirements will be met.


Evaluating the future
PropelFwd will work with you and your team to tailor the best data protection compliance package for your organisation, fitting in with your data processing activities. Data protection should not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach and defining the requirements for each organisation is vital to a successful implementation of a compliance project.
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Finding the solution
Once the right data protection compliance package is defined for your organisation, the procedures have to be fine tuned to help your team understand their responsibilities under the law. Your team are the front line of defence against any data breach of any breach of the law and they have to be aware of the law. Optimising the compliance culture within your organisation by keeping everything simple and straight forward, get buy in from your team and helps them understand what they need to do.
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Staying ahead of the curve
With data protection compliance embedded within your organisation it is time for you to stay ahead of the curve and pre-empt any future requirements of the law by updating your policies, regular training of your teams, audits of your compliance and data activity register, carrying out impact assessments on new systems and reviewing 3rd party processors. Compliance is not a ‘tick box’ exercise it is an on-going process. Accelerate ahead of the competition and give your clients confidence that you take data protection seriously.
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