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Data Protection Audits

Get an expert audit of your current GDPR data protection compliance levels by PropelFwd in Jersey

What areas does an audit normally cover?

A data protection compliance audit can include all or some of the principles within data protection and privacy legislation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as e-Privacy Regulations.

Examples of areas which may be covered in an audit include:

  • data protection governance, and the structures, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with data protection legislation;
  • the processes for managing both electronic and manual records containing personal data;
  • the processes for responding to any request for personal data, including requests by individuals for copies of their data as well as those made by third parties, and sharing agreements;
  • the technical and organisational measures in place to ensure that there is adequate security over personal data held in manual or electronic form;
  • the provision and monitoring of staff data protection training and the awareness of data protection requirements.

How much does a data protection compliance audit cost?

Our price for an audit starts at £2500.

Any additional days required will be authorised by the client and charged at a day rate of £500.

Price quoted above exclude expenses for travel, accommodation and food, which will be invoiced to the client.

How is a data protection audit conducted?

Following agreement of a scope of work, which is formally documented in a letter of engagement, we:

  • carry out an off site check of policies and procedures;
  • carry out off site tests and interviews with key personnel;
  • carry out an on site review of the procedures in practice;
  • provide a report which outlines good practice and any areas of improvement with practical recommendations to help you to address these where appropriate;
  • write an executive summary that you can publish on your website; and
  • provide an audit compliance certificate which you can publish on your website.

What happens to the data protection audit reports?

Following completion of the audit, we provide a comprehensive report along with an executive summary. The audit report focuses on risk and makes observations and recommendations by priority.

We also provide you with a compliance certificate, showing the percentage of compliance within your organisation.

These documents can be published on your website to give customers confidence that you take the use of their personal data very seriously.

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