about propelfwd

About PropelFwd

Why should you choose us?

Qualified Data Protection Consultants

We have built up vast experience with all business sectors, helping them on their data protection compliance journey.
We are professional, approachable and motivated to work towards a great result.

Propelfwd is a small company with a forward-thinking ethos, delivering a range of services to help your business fly with the knowledge that your data protection requirements are covered.

Our dedicated team of experienced and qualified consultants will offer you a tailored service that meets your exact requirements, starting with establishing your current position with regard to data protection compliance .

We can then recommend a data protection strategy and manage the journey for you. Propelfwd has a number of services available to cover your exact requirements, from customised training courses, online or trainer delivered, audits on current data protection compliance, full or tailored compliance projects, Data Protection Officer or Manager positions, EU GDPR Representative.

You can be confident that Propelfwd will identify all your data protection operational needs and provide a solution for them. Propelfwd will offer support and guidance with your technical needs, working with your chosen provider or offer the services of one of our partner providers.

Propelfwd take the complexity out of data protection and put in easy to follow solutions that your entire team will understand and keep you compliant with the requirements of the data protection law your organisation will have to comply with.

We work with all sectors and sizes of businesses. No project is too big or too small. We bring the tools to make your business efficient and compliant, making a way for a path of growth and success.

Our clients

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