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Our data protection services in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK and across the EU

PropelFwd has built up vast experience working with companies of all sized in several different jurisdictions. We offer data protection services to match any of your needs and can easily tailor a compliance program to match your exact requirements.

Establishing your current data protection compliance position, identifying any gaps and providing solutions to fill the identified gaps.

We can put in place all the appropriate policies and procedures for your organisation. Build your data activity workbook, establishing all your data processing activities, legal basis, retention, risk assessment, suggested mitigation’s to reduce the risk to an acceptable level and data transfer mapping.

We also provide your data rights logs, breach registers, 3rd party processor due diligence and put in place appropriate agreements and carry out any required Data Protection Impact Assessments. Propelfwd will take your organisation from ground zero to a more than acceptable level of operational compliance.

If you are legally mandated to appoint a Data Protection Officer, Propelfwd will act as your outsourced DPO, taking all the tasks outlined in law and be available to you to advise on data protection matters working closely with your internal data governance teams.

If you are not mandated to appoint a DPO but feel you need assistance with the tasks a DPO will fulfill and additional help on a more practical level, Propelfwd will provide this service. The DPM will put in place all the appropriate policies and ensure they are complied with. Train your employees on role relevant courses, developing customised online courses which are more effective and efficient for the organisation.

Your DPM will work with and train the data governance team putting in place a structure you can rely on.

Propelfwd can now offer CPD certified courses from a Foundation to Practitioner to Data Protection Officer. All courses are delivered by an experienced data protection professional who can give real working examples and take the complication out of the laws/regulations. We also offer CPD certified online foundation courses, which can be customised to your organisation branding and needs.

Our online courses also include a basic course and an annual refresher course for your workforce.

Get in touch with us to arrange an initial consultation. We make data protection simple to understand and deliver realistic understandable policies your staff will fully understand. This make compliance a much easier goal to reach.

Paul Byrne Managing Director PropelFwd

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