Data Rights Requests – The bottom-line cost to business

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Data Rights Requests – The bottom-line cost to business
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    Obligations Under the DPJL

    The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 (“DPJL”) imposes considerable obligations on businesses, particularly in handling Data Rights Requests (“DRR”s). Navigating these requirements can be a daunting task for organisations, especially for those without dedicated compliance teams. In this context, understanding the impact of DRRs on businesses and exploring efficient outsourcing solutions companies like Propelfwd can provide becomes crucial.

    Responding to Data Rights Requests

    Organisations must respond to a request without undue delay, but within 28 days of validating the request. An extension is available of up to 56 days, but in particular circumstances that must be justified by the organisation. The process of responding to a DRR is not only time-consuming but also requires a deep understanding of the law to accurately identify and apply appropriate exemptions. Gathering the required information to fulfil a request can be a labour-intensive process, diverting resources from their primary duties. This requires specialised knowledge and training, further increasing the burden on businesses.

    Impact on Operational Efficiency

    The allocation of staff can significantly impact operational efficiency, especially for businesses that do not have a dedicated compliance officer. This can lead to increased costs and strain on resources, as employees are removed from their duties to address DRRs. Pressure can be placed on other staff who have to increase their own workload to make up for staff allocated to the DRR, or staff will have to work additional hours to make up for the lost productivity. For SMEs, this additional cost can have a significant impact on their profit margins. Keeping this cost down whilst keeping business as usual (BAU) processes going should be prioritised.

    Benefits of Outsourcing DRR Management

    Outsourcing DRR management to a specialised service like Propelfwd presents itself as a compelling solution. Propelfwd offers expertise in conducting data redactions and managing communications with data subjects, thereby alleviating burdens on internal resources. By leveraging their services, organisations can ensure compliance with the DPJL while minimising the impact on BAU operations.

    Cost-Effectiveness and Compliance

    Outsourcing to Propelfwd not only ensures that DRRs are handled efficiently and in compliance with the law but also offers significant cost benefits, eliminating the associated costs of diverting staff from their primary responsibilities. In essence, Propelfwd provides a cost-effective, expert solution that enables businesses to navigate the complexities of data protection compliance with confidence.

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