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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

This service is detailed and integrated approach to identifying and assessing five core pillars of risk that may affect your business.

This Assessment provides you with a clear vision of the overall risks facing your business in a structured manner and also provides you with a focussed Action Plan designed to assist you in both managing and mitigating those risks.

The benefits of this service include (but is not limited to):

AML/CTF Business Risk Assessments

This service is process that is designed to identify risk exposure associated to Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing that may adversely affect your business.

Specifically, it analyses which aspects of your business are susceptible to increased risk.

It is regulatory requirement for all regulated service providers to conduct an AML/CFT Risk Assessment annually.

Fraud Risk Assessments

This service is designed specifically to help you understand your business’ fraud risk exposure. This Assessment considers all aspects Fraud, including Bribery and Corruption as well as more traditional fraudulent schemes and conduct.

We will stress test your internal operating mechanisms for effectiveness and help you to strengthen your internal controls, where necessary.

A good fraud risk assessment helps you identify how fraud can be perpetrated against your business both externally and internally.

Risk Management Process Analysis

This service reviews and considers how, for example a project outcome and objectives could change as a result of a risk event that may have impacted the process.

We provide a detailed analysis that considers both qualitative and quantitative risk impacts associated to the project in order that appropriate steps can be taken to mitigate those risks.

Controls Assurance Assessments

This service involves a structured approach to documenting business objectives, risks and controls and having operational management and staff assess the adequacy of controls.

This type of Assessment can be used to standardise and benchmark processes, where the same functions are perhaps performed in multiple locations.

It also helps foster an improved awareness of risk and controls and enhance responsibility and accountability for risks and controls amongst both management and staff.

Conduct Risk Assurance

This service focuses specifically on Conduct Risk, which is essentially a form of business risk, that refers to potential misconduct of a regulated business and/or individuals associated with that business, or any action, that has an adverse effect on market stability. Examples of conduct risk include improper trading or an employee and a third-party sharing material that may not be in the public domain.

Regulated businesses are expected to build a culture of good compliance and behaviour and ensure that employees clearly understand their obligations in relation to professional conduct and standards expected.

This also considers activities such as, corporate, environmental, social and governance responsibilities.

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