forensic services

Forensic Services

Financial Crime Investigations

The term “forensic” means the detail.

Our team of skilled and experienced forensic specialists are able to assist your business undertake administrative investigations.

This service is discreet, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring a matter to conclusion by obtaining, collating and analysing information and evidence in order to either, absolve an innocent person from suspicion, and/or, provide the necessary information that can be provided to either law enforcement and/or your businesses legal representatives.

Corporate Intelligence

Our Corporate Intelligence services is designed to help you gain a better understanding and context associated to potential and/or existing business partners and/or third parties.

The world we live in today is ever evolving interconnect and, both trust and reputation are vital are key to ensuring the integrity of your business.

Our confidential services, are designed to provide your business with the necessary information to enable you, identify and understand any such threats at an early stage, and thus, help you make better, informed decisions.

Enhanced Due Diligence Services

All regulated businesses are obliged to ensure they maintain a compliance framework that considers carefully both new and existing new business relationships. Typically, this involves obtaining and maintaining, satisfactory Client Due Diligence (“CDD”). However, in some instances, for example, in the case of higher risk existing and/or potential clients, such as Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP’s”) and/or simply Clients that may present an increased risk exposure to financial crime an Enhanced Due Diligence (“EDD”) approach is required.

Our Enhanced Due Diligence service provides your business with an in depth independent report upon either existing and/or potential new client relationships, to assist your business comply with its legal and regulatory obligations.

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