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Compliance & Regulatory Services

Regulatory Strategy & Advice

Thinking of establishing a new business and/or expanding your existing business, perhaps into another jurisdiction?

We are able to assist you with:

Design, Development, and Implementation of Regulatory Frameworks

Our team of specialists are able to provide you with end-to-end design and implementation of robust and effective compliance framework involving 6 defined core programs.

This is a bespoke service designed to provide your business with necessary infrastructure to achieve existing legal and regulatory obligations and support your business with future strategic growth and development objectives.

Framework Assessments, Gap Analysis, Compliance Reviews

Is their one area of your compliance framework that you would like an independent assessment upon to determine effectiveness?

This service involves a review of your existing compliance framework, to ensure that it contains the necessary core components that are aligned to your licensing arrangements and importantly is operating effectively.

We have a variety of Assessments some of which (detailed above) as well as providing a mapping service, that maps your internal controls to the business policies and procedures, enhancing your business compliance infrastructure.

Preparation for Regulatory visits, Regulatory Health-Checks, Examinations Results, and/or Supervision support

Is your business in scope for a Regulatory visit and/or have you received a visit a received a Remediation Report? If so, our team are able to assist.

Pre-visit Health-Checks

This service is designed to assess the current effectiveness of your compliance arrangements and provide you with a detailed report setting out recommendations you may wish implement ahead of a regulatory visit. Typically, this involves a review of your internal controls, including policies and procedures and associated documentation to assess their alignment to your business licensing arrangements.


This service is designed to assist your business respond to the results of a thematic assessment upon your business.

We can help you prepare and implement an effective Remediation Plan and work with your business throughout the period of the Plan, facilitate a positive outcome with your regulator and achieving regulatory change.

Case File Reviews

From time to time, business, may need assistance with ensure the quality and quality of the Client files reviews are attended to in a timely and importantly effective manner.
Our team are on hand to assist your firm maintain compliance with their Client File Review Program.
We will review your existing Client File Review Program and provide you with a detailed report of our Recommendations.

If required, we are able to provide support staff to your business to assist in your business ensure compliance with its regulatory obligations.

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